Exploring Florina App

An Android application that helps visitors of Florina explore the city in groups while they try to complete various missions!

  • The application can currently support up to four teams (Bears, Wolves, Foxes, and Lynxes).
  • Each team has the application installed on their mobile phones.
  • The exploration game starts from the central square of the city, where all the teams gather.
  • The application guides each team to their next checkpoint through a map and provides walking directions. Each team has a different next checkpoint to avoid following the same route.
  • At each checkpoint, the teams have to complete some simple missions, such as taking group photos or videos. At the same time, the application informs them about the significance and history of that particular location.
  • Once a team completes a mission, the next checkpoint is revealed on the map.
  • As players of a team move through the city, they can see the movements of the other teams on the map simultaneously.
  • The final checkpoint is common for all the teams.

The application was developed using AppInventor and can be adapted to work for any city with minor changes to the code. You can download the installation files of the application (APKs) as well as the source code files which you can import into AppInventor for editing.

The application was developed as part of the Erasmus+ program titled “What a Wonderful World!” and was utilized in the mobility activities of educators and students who visited Florina from Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Finland.