Creating a cultural smart app

In this workshop students from Florina Greece and Sepolno Krajenskie from Poland cooperated and created a cultural app using the MIT App Inventor platform. This android application shows a map of Florina and seven different places of interest as pins. For each pin, there is a corresponding photo from the past. GPS also tracks the location of the user. Users must find each place of interest walking around Florina and take new contemporary selfie photos.

This workshop was part of the activities in the Erasmus+ project 2022-1-EL1-KA121-SCH-000063624 that is organized by the consortium CHAIN (Cultural Heritage, Art, Innovation).

Structure of the workshop

In each team, there were 3-4 students and they were provided with a laptop and a tablet.

  1. We log in to the App Inventor platform.
  2. We also need to have MIT AI2 Companion installed on our smartphones or tablet in order to test our app while creating it.
  3. We will also need a QR scanner app in order to install the final application.
  4. You can download the needed image files for this workshop from here.

We will also need the geolocation coordinates of the 7 places:

Marker 1: Tyrpenou house

Latitude: 40.777574

Longitude: 21.404736

Marker 2: Sapountzis Mansion

Latitude: 40.777841

Longitude: 21.406938

Marker 3: Sapountzis house

Latitude: 40.778066

Longitude: 21.407664

Marker 4: Exarchou mansion

Latitude: 40.778416

Longitude: 21.405404

Marker 5: Rivo Cafe

Latitude: 40.777990

Longitude: 21.405751

Marker 6: House by the school

Latitude: 40.778062

Longitude: 21.404417

Marker 7: Florian Cafe

Latitude: 40.778090

Longitude: 21.407355

You can install the final application on your phone following this link or scanning the QR code below

You can download the source aia file for appInventor from this link.

After the workshop was completed, students tested the application during a walk in Florina.