LIFOR Wear – The story of our clothes

The LIFOR Wear system was designed and developed by the students of our robotics club during the 2021-2022 school year deals with the problems created by the fashion industry worldwide.

  • It includes a smartphone app which is essentially a digital diary of our clothes with information such as: where they were made, what they are made of, where and when we bought them, how many times have we washed them, when and where have we worn them (on important occasions), etc.
  • At the same time, students also developed technological patches, as a solution for clothes that wear out. The patches were designed and printed on 3D printers by the students, while they include Microbit boards and batteries, transforming our clothes into “smart clothes” with functions of step counting, compass, temperature etc.
A video description of the project by the students. Turn on English subs

We started working on this student project in December 2021, initially setting the problem we intend to deal with which concerns the fashion industry and the circular economy.

  • First, we studied various sources that give us information about the effects of the global fashion industry on the environment and people.
  • Then, in successive Design sessions using the WeDesignForSTEAM tool, we investigated possible solutions and proposals which we recorded and from which the final idea of ​​the implementation emerged.
  • We created workgroups (Developers, designers, 3D printer operators, tailors, and assembly engineers) and worked until the end of June to complete our project.