eFAI webVR

A virtual reality first aid training app created by the SAIL Robotics student team that you can access online at https://webvr-efai.glitch.me. It is a continuation of the eFAI project – a first aid system that gives instructions for providing first aid with voice commands and which was distinguished in the 3rd Panhellenic Open Technologies Competition. eFAI-webVR users Virtual Reality technologies to be an enjoyable first aid training tool.

The app is essentially a virtual world in which we can interact with a first aid scenario. Two kids are in the park and when we start the scenario the girl falls to the ground. We can ask the boy to help and give first aid, while at the same time we can also call 166 for the ambulance to come. We can move around the space throughout the scenario and closely observe the developments!

  • You can run the app over the web on any computer at: https://webvr-efai.glitch.me
  • It also runs on virtual reality systems, as well as on mobile devices that support this feature using VR headsets.
  • Movement in space can be done with arrows and a mouse on computers, with controls in virtual reality systems, and by using the touch screen on a mobile phone.

The application uses the webVR AFRAME framework, which is based on javascript. With this tool, we can create relatively easy virtual worlds using simple HTML and a bit of javascript. AFRAME runs on PC, mobile devices, and VR systems.