Mars Colony

This is the plan and implementation from the team Top Six (students in Robotics Club) for the “2018 PanHellenic Robotics Competition: Living on Mars”.

Some of the problems we will have to face on Mars

  • Too thin atmosphere and lack of oxygen
  • Low Gravity
  • Sandstorms

Students proposals:

  • Create domes that will contain earth-like atmosphere and oxygen generated by power plants.
  • Sandstorm protection shields
  • Rotating habitats for compensating the lack of gravity.

The lego construction:

  • A rotating sandstorms shield (Building instructions)
    • When there is high wind (microphone) it enables the warning lights.
    • When the storm cloud is near (motion sensor) the shield starts rotating.
    • When the cloud goes away (motion sensor) the shield stops rotating.
  • Oxygen plant (Building instructions)
    • A piston and fan that can count the tons of oxygen created with the tilt sensor.
  • Artificial Gravity (Building instructions)
    • The habitat inside the dome is rotated so as to create artificial gravity.
    • A motion sensor counts the number of rotations