Terraforming Mars

This is the plan and implementation from the team The Builders (students in Robotics Club) for the “2018 PanHellenic Robotics Competition: Living on Mars”.

Designing the ecosystem of Mars

  • Mars gets far less light from the sun than earth does and does not have the nutrients needed for plants to grow.
  • NASA investigates the possibility to create oxygen in mars and plant algae in specially designed bottles.
  • New robotic vehicles will be needed that can go in hard conditions and plant the algae in the right places.

Students proposal

  • A walking robot (Initial design from jkbrickworks):
    • Searching craters that could have the right amount of ice (motion sensor)
    • Tests the craters for ice with the motion sensor (white ice – black no ice)
    • Unloads the bottles of algae (tilt sensor)
  • A robotic laser beam (Building instructions):
    • Communicates with the walking robot and gets the coordinates of the places where algae was planted. Then it sends the laser beam there to help the seeds grow (tilt sensor).