Trivia board game – playing with circuits

A school project from the Experimental Elementary School of Florina in collaboration with the teacher of the fifth grade. 

Students formed small groups of 5-6 and constructed four trivia board games using electric circuits. Each board game has 4 questions with 3 possible answers. Under every answer there are two metal pins. We can put a magnet over them to choose our answer. If we get all 4 questions right a led light turns on and a buzzer plays a beeping sound.


Each board game has a 9V battery, a led light and a buzzer. It also has 24 metal pins (two for every answer), cables and 4 magnets. The circuits starts from the battery’s positive and ends to the battery’s negative as shown in the pictures. The circuit remains in open state until the magnets are placed in the correct answers.

The final board games were presented by the students to the public along with other projects from all schools of Florina.