Lego NXT Robotic flower

A robotic flower that needs water and sun to operate. The design was made by students of the robotics club of the Experimental Elementary School of Florina, during the 2015-2016 season.

The robot is made by Lego NXT parts and it is fixed on a construction with a small water tank (plastic container) that has a simple water runoff system using straws. The behaviour is as follows:

  • While the tank is empty the flower has it’s petals closed and does nothing.

  • When water is added into the tank and passes a certain level the floater (touch sensor) gives order to the flower to open it’s petals.

  • The water in the tank slowly runs off through the straw.

  • While water is over the certain level for the floater to work the flower has it’s petals open and searches for light (light sensor).

  • If there is low light it rotates left and right until it finds adequate light.

The flower has two motors (one for openning and closing the petals and one for rotating), a light sensor, a touch sensor (floater) and a distance sensor (for changing the rotation direction).

The robotic flower was presented by students in European Maker Week 2016.

3D Designs for Lego Digital Designer and program for NXT Programming